No more switching between tabs to access your messenger apps!


Messenger Central brings you your favorite messengers and chat apps in one place. Stay organized and manage your time more efficiently as you stay connected with your friends and colleagues from the comfort of Chrome browser toolbar. From WhatsApp to Instagram, access your accounts in one tab with ease.

How to get started

Messenger Central is a browser extension which is integrated into Chrome to provide users access to messenger accounts in one place. The new tab extension is easy to use and user-friendly and once it is added to Chrome, users need to login to their messenger accounts as per the Terms stated by the respective apps to stay connected and chat away!

It does not store or share any personal information, financial details or authentication permissions.


Safe and secure access to WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Hangouts, Line and so many more

  • Customized web search powered by Microsoft Bing
  • Ease of navigation between apps
  • Completely free to use
  • Clean user interface for productive app management

It needs permission to allow new tabs to display the Messenger Central extension with the features including the access to messenger apps and customised search. This extension does NOT ask for your login or password.